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"O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation" Psalm 95:1

The IGEM Covenant Voices (IGEM/CV)

This is made up of the senior team of vocalists, instrumentalists and its vibrant young engineers. They are involved in singing, composing, recording and ministering at big crusades and international meetings of IGEM Christ Covenant Church. The tag name "Covenant Voices" was created by the General Superintendent, in order to show the distinguishing unction of the Holy Spirit and gifts in the lives of those who have set themselves apart in the vineyard of the Lord Jesus Christ. The tag name, "Covenant Voices", has produced several professional singers and instrumentalists around the world from the church. It is the vision of the General Superintendent, that, each team of "Covenant Voices" would compose, record, and produce albums for the church; and also as an avenue to discover talents and promote such talents who so wish to sing true gospel songs for the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The IGEM Choir (IGEM/CH)

This is a team of good vocalists and instrumentalists. Only that they are set apart to minister within internal meetings and usual services of the church. They are also senior members of the choir who sing various melodious songs during our meetings. The General Superintendent gave room for few exceptional ones to join in recording and producing albums in conjunction with the Covenant Voices.

The IGEM Mobile Choir (IGEM/CHM)

They are called mobile choir because, they are fresh, young, and newly recruited choristers, who know nothing about music. It is after several months of training and constant rehearsals that some of them get to be promoted or transferred to another unit; depending on the character or seriousness of such person. So far, the church has recorded a few of the IGEM/CHM members even in the CV and CH. For those of them who have demonstrated a promising musical future so far, they have been permitted to perform at some important meetings.

The IGEM Christ Covenant Church (IGEM/CCC)

This is made up of other choir members who worship and perform at other branches of IGEM. IGEM, is the official headquarters, while CHRIST COVENANT CHURCH stands as the church branches of IGEM. So therefore, every other branch of IGEM Choir, goes under the label of IGEM/CCC, irrespective of their age or years of service; while the three previously mentioned categories are limited to the headquarters only, IGEM; but any branch member who demonstrates an unequivocal unction of talent and holy spirit, as instructed by the General Superintendent, can be allowed to join either IGEM/CV or IGEM/CH.

The IGEM Training Unit

This is a team of former active choristers and instrumentalists from IGEM Headquarters, who now act as trainers for the IGEM Mobile Choir (IGEM/CHM) and also for new intakes from other branches of IGEM (IGEM/CCC). They are always carefully selected mostly from instrumentalists, so as to put the new generation through, on music. It is mostly from this unit, that promotion to other departments of the church takes place.